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I currently accept Out of Pocket, Health Savings Account (HSA), and Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

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Reasons as to why, I do not accept insurance

Even though the use of insurance is common. The use of insurance for counseling services has some drawbacks.

  • In order to be paid by the insurance you must have a diagnosis. Insurance requires a diagnosis. Not all problems are/ qualify for a  mental illnesses/diagnosis. 

  • A mental diagnosis goes on, and becomes part of your permanent medical record. Which could potentially affect your future situations. Such as life insurance or disability.

  • This information can impact your ability to obtain health insurance in the future, as well as be a hindrance to obtaining certain kinds of jobs and security clearances.

  • Using health insurance can compromise your privacy, as your treatment information is entered into a national database. 

  • Some insurances require initial information before agreeing to pay. 

  • Majority of insurances dictates the treatment, and number of sessions. This mean that they can also deny the claim at any time. Leaving you unexpectedly liable at any time. 

  • When Audited, it is required to disclose the details of your sessions to the insurance. 

  •  Your insurance company is managing your personal and confidential information, deciding on your care, and complete confidentiality is not guarenteed. 

  • Lack of Confidentiality. As soon as your mental health diagnosis is put onto an insurance form, there are any number of individuals who have access to your counseling information because they are processing the claim.

  • Insurance does not cover Coaching. 

I do provide a sliding scale fee, and work with clients to ensure that finaces are not an obstacle.

Providing a Superbill

Many Insurance companies and plans (PPO) provide Out-of-Network coverage for menatl health services.

This may cover all or part of your visits. For out-of-network plans, a Superbill is provided upon request. A superbill is a form that is prepared for you at the time of service. That you mail into your insurance company for reimbursement at the out- of- network provider rate. This means that you simple pay the full fee on the day of service, then you simple mail in the printed form to your insurance to get reimbursed. This form usually contains: Name, DOB, diagnosis, cost of treatment, etc. 

Please check your out -of-network reimbursement rates so that you are able to accurately calculate your costs. Also, Please check with your insurance provider: 

  • Are you covered to receive mental health services from out-of-network providers?

  • If yes, is pre-authorization required?

  • If so, how many sessions are authorized?

  • What percentage of sessions are covered?

  • What information the insurance provider requires for reimbursement?

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